Volunteers’ trip to Two Temple Place

Two Temple Place

On Sunday 9 March a group of Friends' volunteers went on a guided tour of Two Temple Place on the Embankment in London.

The building was originally the estate office of William Waldorf Astor (father-in-law of Nancy)and is a neo-Gothic masterpiece. Designed by John Loughborough Pearson, Two Temple Place is full of excellent craftsmanship and fascinating detail, such as the cherubs using a telephone at the base of a lamp post by the entrance, and the carvings of characters from the Three Musketeers on the staircase.

Two Temple Place is open to the public only during exhibitions. The current exhibition, Art, Science & Exploration, is well worth a visit and runs until 27 April 2014. Admission is free.

The building is now owned by the Bulldog Trust, to whom we are very grateful for the guided tour.

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