The work of the Friends of Windmill Gardens is overseen by a board of trustees, which meets 10 times a year to plan strategy and campaigns. 

The trustees are all volunteers and report to general meetings of the membership. Each year they stand for election at the annual general meeting as required by our constitution. The trustees also work closely with Lambeth Council and others with an interest in the park and the historic Brixton Windmill.

As well as elected trustees, we have the option to co-opt board members with relevant experience. This currently includes the Chair of the Blenheim Gardens Resident Management Organisation.

Jean Kerrigan

Jean Kerrigan is the Chair of the Friends of Windmill Gardens and a founder member of the Friends

Nick Weedon

Nick Weedon is Vice-Chair and is on the Friends’ Parks and Maintenance Groups

Sonam Sikka

Sonam Sikka is the Friends’ Treasurer

Viv Whittingham

Viv Whittingham is Secretary of the Friends and co-ordinates the Sustainability group

Kim Winter

Kim Winter runs the communications group and updates the website

Chris Patton

Chris Patton designs the Friends’ posters, flyers and merchandise

Ann Lee

Ann Lee is the Volunteer Co-ordinator

Jeff Thomas

Jeff Thomas provides IT support and oversees tour bookings

Liz du Parcq

Liz du Parcq is a Blue Badge Tourist Guide


Eamon Maguire represents the Blenheim Gardens Resident Management Organisation

The trustees employ staff who work at the Brixton Windmill Centre and take forward the decisions of the membership about the future of the Brixton Windmill and Windmill Gardens. To contact us, email