Windmill Walkthrough

Take a look around the windmill

Take a look around the windmill outside and inside including the cap that is usually closed off to visitors.

The views were created as Google 360° Photospheres and can be viewed in Google Maps/Streetview using a browser or an app.

Click and drag on the Google Streetview image to look around.

Click on an arrow pointing towards the entrance or stairs to move around inside the windmill.

Click on a Tab below left to start at a specific location in the windmill.

Google Maps

You can also view satellite imagery on Google Earth.

Use the Person icon to show the available Streetview images and and then click on the blue dots to select an image and enter the windmill and look around inside.

Use the 3D icon to fly around outside.

Google Earth

Google Earth fly over video from Brixton tube, via Brockwell Park, to Brixton Windmill

Google Earth video