Tai chi update

Tai Chi at Windmill Gardens

Since we began free tai chi classes in Windmill Gardens in January this year, 33 sessions have taken place and 115 different local people have tried this form of excercise.

There are regularly 20-25 people enjoying the one-hour sessions on Saturday mornings. We meet at 11am and there are still 12 more free sessions in the current programme.

After that our grant from Lambeth Community Foundation ends. But we intend to continue tai chi on a donation basis. If participants contribute £3 per session that should be enough ensure we can pay our excellent tutors, Nigel and Anna, who teach us the tai chi long form.?

If you have not yet tried a class now’s the time to start. Tai chi is a great way to regularly exercise.?It is very enjoyable and feedback from those who attend regularly is that it is also very beneficial.

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