Support Lambeth plans for new building in Windmill Gardens

Brixton Windmill tour

Lambeth Council are currently consulting on their Parks and Open Spaces Capital Investment Plan 2014/15-2018/19. You can read the document in full here.

Friends of Windmill Gardens (FoWG) are very pleased that in this draft plan Lambeth state that they not only want to improve local parks and open spaces but also heritage buildings and features. Specifically they say they plan to spend ?350,000 on new building provision for Windmill Gardens to support the education programme at Brixton Windmill. This ?350k is marked in the draft plan as secured money.

FoWG are asking you to respond to this public consultation to support this proposal for the following reasons:
* The restoration of Brixton Windmill in 2011 has been a great success. This important Grade II* listed building, loved by local residents as a symbol of Brixton’s rural past, is now opened regularly to the people of Lambeth and beyond to experience and visit.
* Over a thousand school children have visited, enjoyed, and learned from the education workshops provided at Brixton Windmill. But to sustain this education programme after 2015 when the current funding runs out we need a dedicated building for Windmill Gardens to enable the expansion and improvement of the education programme.
* A windmill building will also generate much needed income to pay for the future maintenance of the historic Brixton Windmill that celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2016.
* A windmill building will be essential in the process of getting Brixton Windmill to produce flour regularly which we hope will be another source of income.
* A windmill building will be a great community asset in the neighbourhood enabling more and better community events and activities to be organized in Windmill Gardens.

We know that there are many other deserving projects in Lambeth’s parks, but as a supporter of Brixton Windmill we ask you to reply to the consultation document to express your support for the proposal to spend ?350k on a Brixton Windmill building as one of the first projects to be delivered in Lambeth.

The more responses the council receives favouring this proposal, the more it is likely to actually happen. Your response should be sent to by 5pm on 31 October.

Thank you for your ongoing support for Brixton Windmill.

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