Give your views on design of new education building

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On Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 July from 1pm-5pm you are invited to comment on the proposed design of the Brixton Windmill education building.

The consultation is being held in Windmill Gardens during our next open weekend. Architects Squire and Partners have been working with Lambeth Council, the Friends and Windmill Stay and Play on four options for the future education building.

The consultation is your chance to see the preferred design and site for the building. Your opinions are valued and will be considered before the final building design is submitted at the end of the feasibility study.

The Friends know that the new building has to satisfy several needs. It has to double as an education centre and a visitor centre. We hope it will also be able to support the development of flour production at Brixton Windmill, be equipped with a kitchen that can be used for baking workshops and also provide a space that can be used by the local community, expanding the kind of events that can be offered to local people in Windmill Gardens.

In the long term the building needs to generate an income to secure the education programme and also needs to raise money to maintain the 200-year-old Brixton Windmill for future generations to enjoy.

So do come and see the proposed design on 9 or 10 July and give us your feedback.

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