Sudbourne Primary School get their Hands On Windmill Gardens!

Sudbourne Primary School have become the first local group to visit Windmill Gardens to take part in the Hands On mural project.

Over two weeks in November we had three class groups from Sudbourne’s year 7 visit the windmill to create six large collaborative artworks between them, spelling out some common phrases that have crept into the English language as a result of peoples’ interaction with windmills and millers over centuries. This year, Sudbourne Primary school’s curriculum theme is ‘Using Your Loaf’ and the students have been learning about, and working with bread in many of their activities, so they had a lot of input to give on the day!

Students got a tour of the exterior of the windmill, learned about the mechanisms used to turn the millstones, and heard the story of the Ashby family. Using the story of Brixton Windmill as inspiration, the students used strong bright colours to begin designing decoration for letters of the alphabet, to be used in creating beautiful, long banners that spell out some of those well known phrases.

A big thank you goes out to all the students and staff at Sudbourne for getting their hands on this project, and we look forward to welcoming them again for the launch of the mural next year.

You can see more photographs and details of the work carried out by the students at the Hands On Windmill Gardens blog, which is now online at

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