Successful Windmill Lecture on Ashby family

Brixton Windmill lecture

Jean Kerrigan reports on the second annual Windmill Lecture by a descendant of Brixton Windmill’s first miller

FoWG’s final contribution to the wide-ranging activities on offer during the Lambeth Heritage Festival month of September was a lecture given by Viv Whittingham, a direct descendant of the first miller at Brixton Windmill, John Ashby.

Viv’s illustrated talk covered the extensive milling experience of the family over three generations, their Quaker beliefs and their resilience in overcoming the problems of urbanisation, the rise of modern flour production techniques such as roller mills, as well as the problems of early death from disease and childbirth that were rife during the 19th century. John and his wife Hannah had nine children and seven reached adulthood and married.

It was a fascinating talk and was particularly enjoyed by some recent visitors to the windmill who came from yet another branch of the family. Many descendants have made contact with us at Brixton Windmill but there are surely more that we have not yet met!?

If you are part of the extensive Ashby family and if you have any records or photos of earlier generations that you can share please do get in touch. You can email us at

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