National Mills Weekend

Jean Kerrigan and Nick Weedon report on a very successful open weekend

We had a good weekend at Brixton Windmill with the special events for National Mills Weekend.

More than 100 visitors signed our book, many leaving great comments. The atmosphere in the park was really good, particularly on Saturday, when the cap was turned by our millwright Paul Sellwood, ably assisted by Nick Weedon and Patrick.

Visitors were entranced when the sails finally did gently spin round in a couple of strong gusts of wind.

Families stayed for the afternoon, picknicking in the park. The querns took the imagination of visitors of all ages, who vere very keen to have a go. Several young children in particular were very absorbed by the milling for long periods of time, working the rotary and saddle querns, and using the sieves to separate the whoemeal into bran and white flour. Parents relaxing in the playground were very amused to see some very dusty children emerge from the windmill when their work was done!

Our visitors came from Blenheim Gardens Estate, from across Lambeth and London, from other mills and even from as far as the Czech Republic!

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