Head Out of Space

art project poster

Head Out of Space is an initiative by artist Donna Riddington that seeks to raise an awareness of artists’ value in society and the search for space to create.

As part of this initiative, Donna will be creating a community art installation in Windmill Gardens on Saturday 20 September, as part of the Open House weekend.

Anyone can take part – there is no fee. All you have to do is email an image (max size 3MB) of part of your artwork or text to info@headoutofspace.org.uk by Monday 15 September. The piece you select can come from any creative discipline. You may sign your selected fragment and be named, or be anonymous.

These pieces of art and text will be printed to varying scales, no larger than A4.They will be installed under a temporary shelter in Windmll Gardens on 20 September, and visitors will be able to take then away on the day.

This installation serves to comment on how artists and creative people can or cannot control reproduction and dissemination of their images and how their art occupies space. What is the value of their community contribution and their art?

Download more information below.

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