Flour Power draws in crowds

Saturday’s Flour Power Big Draw event in Windmill Gardens brought out the creative talents of both local children and adults. Youngsters dipped into boxes of chalks placed strategically around the park to make colourful drawings on park paths. Meanwhile in the playground others joined Stephen Lawlor, Brixton Windmill’s education officer, to create a large-scale artwork using rather unusual materials.

Stephen explains: “Starting with circular shapes inspired by the gears and millstones of Brixton Windmill, local children got creative with a selection of oats, seeds, pulses, beans and dyed flour to create patterns in the traditional Indian art style of Rangoli.

“Meanwhile older children and adults had the chance to pick up a drawing pack from the windmill containing pencils, wax crayons, chalk, charcoal and a variety of paper and card. In the spirit of the Big Draw Festival, simple instructions about drawing the windmill were supplied to ensure that the phrase ‘But I Can’t Draw’ was banished from visitors’ vocabulary for the day.

“Everybody got into the spirit, some attempting to draw ‘blind’ without looking at the paper, and others attempting a series of sixty-second sketches.”

First timers joined more experienced artists to hone their artistic skills. Some of the 60 visitors who toured Brixton Windmill during the afternoon also joined in and took up the artistic challenge.

By the end of the afternoon a range of drawings were on display around the park proving that everyone has the ability to create interesting images when inspired by a subject as intriguing as Brixton’s historic windmill. Flour Power, Brixton Windmill’s celebration of the Big Draw, was another enjoyable and busy Saturday afternoon in Windmill Gardens!

The final event of Brixton Windmill’s summer programme is on Sunday October 28 –a spooky afternoon of Hallowe’en activities – mark the date on your calendar.

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