First stage of windmill repairs completed

Brixton Windmill door grille

The first stage of repair works on Brixton Windmill has been completed, in time for the windmill reopening to the public next month.

The main focus was to fix the perennial problem of dampness in the building. The repairs include:

  • External drainage: New French drainage has been installed, as the previous drain was not constructed at the correct depth and the protective membrane around it was incorrectly applied.
  • Ventilation: A ventilation grille has been installed in the door, and cored holes have been created to increase natural ventilation.
  • Heating: A storage heater has been installed on the ground floor (with protective cage), connected to existing system, to raise the temperature and reduce risk from condensation during cold weather .
  • Structural elements: On the first floor celing, bracket supports have been added to a beam and structural metal plates have been installed on 10 joist ends which had deteriorated.
  • Sack hoist gantry installation to support the lifting hoist.

A further round of repairs is likely later in the year.

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