Volunteer millers become Flour Ambassadors

Flour ambasadors

A group of volunteer millers at Brixton Windmill have taken the Flour Pledge and become Flour Ambassadors.

The Flour Ambassador campaign was set up by New York-based writer and flour activist Amy Halloran, who wrote The New Bread Basket, a book about people who are trailblazing new paths to bread and beer.

Volunteer millers Abigail Holsborough, Ann Bodkin, Victoria Ing, Zara Machado and Jeff Thomas decided to take the Flour Pledge, as follows:

I do solemnly, happily swear,
that I am going to tell everyone I see
that it’s okay to love flour!

Bread is not poison,
Invisibility is poison.
I will try to make visible
all the labour in bread,
from seed to mill,
from mill to loaf.

Mills are the levers farmers need
to get more interesting grains in the ground,
and on our tables,
and under our butter.

Because butter is terrific and bread is our family tree,
It is time to put the family pictures back in the album,
put the album back on the mantelpiece,
and get acquainted with grains and flour again.

Here’s a short video of the event made by Abigail, our lead miller – enjoy!

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