Experience the sound of Brixton Windmill at work

If you visit Brixton Windmill between 26 August and 23 September, you will be able to experience the sounds of the mill as if it were working again.

As you progress from floor to floor, you will be encircled by the sound of a wind farm, the grinding of cogs, pulleys and stones, the disengaged sails gently rotating and a recitation from Rabelais Gargantua and Pantagruel?about the Island of Ruach, where the inhabitants eat nothing but wind.

The sound installation, ‘The Rotation Of The Earth Drags The Atmosphere Around With It: A Site Specific Audio Artwork For Brixton Windmill In Four Parts’ was created by London artist Rosanna Greaves.

Rosanna said:

“I want people to think about a translation of this powerful machine into contemporary renewable energy, considering our consumption of energy just as the windmill and the islanders of Ruach consume the wind.

“I am interested in the invisible yet physical presence of both the wind and sound and I want the visitors to the windmill to have an active and individual experience of the work as the four separate tracks will mix and bleed into one another slightly differently as each person moves through the four floors of the windmill.”

The windmill and sound installation will be open to the public on the dates listed below, and all visits are free. To book a place, email booking@brixtonwindmill.org.uk, with details of the required date and time.

Please ask if you are unsure about physically climbing to the top of the mill or if you are thinking of taking small children. For more details, see our Visit page.

  • Sunday 26 August 1-4pm
  • Saturday 8 September 1-4pm
  • Sunday 9 September 1-4pm
  • Saturday 22 September 1-5pm (Open House Weekend)
  • Sunday 23 September 1-5pm (Open House Weekend)

Jean Kerrigan, Chair of Friends of Windmill Gardens, said:

“The Friends of Windmill Gardens are realising their vision of Brixton Windmill being at the heart of the community. The combination of an innovative sound installation with a unique historic location will make for a memorable visit. The restoration of the mill is enabling unusual experiences to be opened up to local people and encouraging visitors from all over the country to come to Brixton.”

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