Dutch quern maker visits Brixton Windmill

On Tuesday, Brixton Windmill received a very special visitor.

Hans Titulaer, the miller in the Netherlands who made our hand querns, came to visit. Accompanied by his wife, two teenage daughters and son, and Andy Forbes of Brockwell Bake, Hans was shown around the mill by Jean Kerrigan, Chair of the Friends of Windmill Gardens.

Jean says: “It was very interesting talking to Hans, and he answered two of the questions we often get asked on tours. He says that if the sails were turning the stones for an hour in a steady wind they could produce about 250kg of meal from our pair of Derbyshire millstones. The electric-driven French burr stones would produce about 150kg.

“He also said he thought there would need to be a number of modifications and additions if the wind mechanism were ever to work, as bits are missing and would need to be moved to connect properly.

“According to Hans, the pattern on the millstone outside the front door is quite unusual for an English millstone because it has nine rather than 10 sections.”

Hans regularly makes and supplies composite millstones to companies in England as well as making hand querns. His mill in Nijmegen, about one and a half hours east of Amsterdam, has two pairs of wind-driven stones plus a pair of electrically driven stones.

Originally dating from 1760, it’s the only fully functional windmill in Nijmegen and grinds organically cultivated wheat, providing a wide range of products for local bakers and food manufacturers.

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