Brixton Windmill on prison radio

Regular listeners to BBC Radio London will know that Brixton Windmill has been featured several times. But now it’s also to be included in a programme aired from its next-door neighbour, Brixton Prison.

Chris Impey, Senior Producer with National Prison Radio, went on a tour of the windmill with a couple of colleagues to find out more about this award-winning building. Although there are some great views of Brixton Windmill from the prison, none of them had visited before.

After visiting the mill, Chris interviewed Jean Kerrigan, Chair of the Friends of Windmill Gardens, about the links between the prison and the mill. These included the fact that William Cubitt, who invented patent windmill sails, also came up with the idea of a prison treadwheel, one of which was installed in Brixton Prison in 1821!

The piece on the windmill will go out as part of the Brixton Hour, a show that creates a sense of community among Brixton’s prisoners, inspiring them to turn their lives around.

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