Three generations of Ashbys visit Brixton Windmill

The Ashby family visit the Windmill

Just before Christmas three generations of Ashbys, the family that produced and sold flour at Brixton Windmill from 1816-1934, visited Brixton Windmill.

The family group ranged from 10 to 88 years in age, and two members had travelled to London from Denmark, where they now live.

Over tea and cake (made from Brixton Flour) one of our volunteer guides gave a short talk about the history of the windmill and how after the Second World War local people campaigned to save the mill for everyone to visit. They also explained how the Friends were established in 2003 to ensure that the derelict windmill was restored and re-opened to the public and that the park where it stands made a space for all to enjoy.

Younger members of the family then climbed to the top of the windmill for a guided tour. Everyone was able to have a short visit inside the Brixton Windmill Centre, currently under construction beside the mill.

There were lots of questions from the younger generation, who wanted to know more about the technology of milling and fascinating history of how their great great great grandfather, John Ashby, built the windmill and how the family sold stoneground wholemeal flour for 118 years from their Brixton Hill property.

We look forward to all members of the Ashby family visiting again once the new Brixton Windmill Centre – funded by Lambeth Council and built by Logan Construction (SE) Ltd – is finally completed, fully furnished, and open as a new education / visitor / community space in February 2020.

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