Mill maintenance

Earlier today our millwright Paul Selwood, of Owlsworth IJP, paid his first visit to Brixton Windmill this year.

Paul has a contract with Lambeth Council to carry out regular maintenance checks and will be visiting every month. His tasks include lubricating all moving parts, checking the tightness of the bolts and wedges on the sails, testing the shutters and the brake, and rotating the sails. Four times a year he will also rotate the cap.

Paul says: “The mill is looking fantastic. With all the wind and stormy weather we’ve had recently, I was expecting the sails to have moved, but they were in exactly the same position, which tells me that the brakes are good.”

Paul has adapted a scaffolding pole with a flattened end to help turn the sails, rather than pulling them round with a rope, as previously. Every time he rotates them he leaves the sails in different positions to ensure that they weather evenly.

Next visit is scheduled for week beginning 6 February.

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