Leitir Corn Mill restoration project

Leitir Corn Mill

The Kilcar Heritage Committee are about to embark on a project to restore Leitir Mill in Co. Donegal, Ireland. Patrick McBrearty, a member of the committee, visited Brixton Windmill this week to see the results of our own restoration project.

Leitir Mill is a water corm mill, built in the early 19th Century and operational as a mill up until 1954. The site contains the original corn mill, corn-drying kiln, and machinery, housed in a two storey building, as well as the original Mill House, little changed from its nineteenth-century state.

The mill and mill house is still owned by relatives of the last miller to work there, but has been donated to the community on a long term lease.

The primary aim of the committee?s Conservation and Development Plan is to conserve the mill with a view towards re-developing it as a working heritage mill in the future. Luckily, the millrace and millpond are in still-functional condition, and most of the machinery and artefacts are in an excellent state of preservation.

We wish the Kilcar Heritage Committee luck in their journey and look forward to hearing how the project progresses. If you?d like to learn more about the Leitir Mill restoration project, you can visit their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Leitir-Corn-Mill-Conservation-and-Restoration-Project/153980138136059

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