Green Pennant for Windmill Gardens

Green flag judges at Brixton Windmill

Just in time for Love Parks Week 2015, we’re proud to announce that Windmill Gardens has been awarded a Green Flag Community Award, or Green Pennant.

The award covers several criteria, including welcome, maintenance, biodiversity and heritage, community involvement, and achievements.

The judge, Mark Dempsey, particularly commended the Friends’ programme of community events, praising “the Friends of Windmill Gardens Gardening club members and the tai chi group, with other passionate and dedicated local people who are care for the park deeply…. The park is a tremendous asset for the local community and shows the value of green in an urban community such as Brixton.”

His report concluded: “The education centre adjacent to the windmill needs to be completed both as vibrant meeting centre to encourage footfall through the park and to the windmill in a positive manner. Well done to all involved.”

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this application and getting the park spruced up for the judge’s visit on 6 June. We will be looking at the useful comments in the feedback about how the park should be improved.

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