Education programme updated

Meet the miller school workshop

We have updated the education workshops for schools programme to be delivered at Brixton Windmill when our new education centre opens in January 2019.

With a grant from the Association of Independent Museums Sustainability Scheme, the Friends recently engaged museum educator Megan Dowsett for three months to re-vitalise our offer to schools. We are very pleased with the work that she carried out.

Four new workshops suitable for foundation to year six now make up our programme. Each can be delivered with a first outreach workshop at the school followed by a visit to the windmill. Schools also have the option of booking just a single workshop delivered at Brixton Windmill.

Megan has produced detailed lesson plans, teacher’s notes and resource packs for student activities. The workshops are designed to be delivered by a fully qualified teacher supported by trained FoWG volunteers. We ran trials of the workshops with four different classes from two primary schools local to Brixton Windmill and the feedback from class teachers was both helpful and very supportive.

Typical comments:

“An inspiring and educational workshop! Pupils were engaged and enthused throughout and have an improved understanding of local history through stimulating and exciting real-life experiences.”


“It was terrific…at the right level and also included some challenge for all the children (more and less able)…all 4 stated objectives were covered and achieved…the children…were engaged and interested throughout…Classroom teaching, even with modern resources and access to the internet, cannot match the learning children achieve by visiting, seeing, touching and engaging with real artefacts and a working windmill.”

For more details see the Learning section.

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