Secret London group visit

Because of the restricted space on the upper levels of Brixton Windmill, we are limited to a group size of three visitors plus guide on the full tours. It’s therefore very difficult to accept large group bookings on our public open days, as there would be no space for other visitors.

So a few months ago the executive group of the Friends of Windmill Gardens decided that if we could get enough volunteers, we could open Brixton Windmill for special group visits during the week. The visitors would be charged a small fee, for which they would get a guided tour of the windmill, a booklet about its history, and a hot drink and slice of cake.

Yesterday we received our first two groups of visitors under this arrangement, booked through Secret London?Walks. The volunteers and guides were great, the day was sunny, and once the park filled up after school closed we attracted other casual visitors, and several families came to buy cakes and drinks from us.

The home-made cakes made by the volunteers were much appreciate as were the donated lemon slices produced by the Bad Boys Bakery in HMP Brixton.

The Secret London group seemed very pleased with our tours and want to book more. Julian Romain, who led the groups, said: “To find the windmill at Brixton was a wonderful experience. Thank you to the guides and volunteers who give their time so that others may enjoy this superb icon in central London.”

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