Planting bulbs in Windmill Gardens

Jean Kerrigan reports on more work by the Friends of Windmill Gardens to improve the park

Seven volunteers mustered to plant 1,000 bulbs last Saturday morning in Windmill Gardens – the park that is home to Brixton’s historic windmill.

Next spring, as they approach the park entrance, visitors will be greeted by a blaze of yellow daffodils bobbing their heads along the railings. Before the daffs burst into bloom, two patches of multicoloured crocuses – one under the new park notice board and the other on the opposite side of the path – should raise visitors’ spirits.

Further along, drifts of snowdrops on either side of the entrance to the children’s playground will be the first bulbs to raise their delicate heads at the end of the winter. Along the gravel path there will also be drifts of snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils to enhance the approach to the windmill.

The bulb planting, organised by the Parks Group of FoWG, was a fun event. Everyone worked hard. The diggers and bulb planters were helped by Richard Dutton in his wheelchair, who was a fount of horticultural knowledge and whizzed efficiently from one set of bulb planters to the next, carrying bulbs and tools that had been supplied by Veolia and Lambeth Council.

The morning ended with delicious hot food – an excellent curry – prepared by Annick Alet, using vegetables grown on her allotment.

Many thanks to Annick, Richard, Jean, Nick and especially our new volunteers who put so much effort into making sure the park is more colourful next spring!

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