Meet Steph our Volunteer of the Month

Steph volunteer of the month

Steph has been volunteering with Friends of Windmill Gardens for over a year and is always keen to help us whether that’s in the cafe or in our communications team. 

What sort of volunteering do you do with Friends of Windmill Gardens and how long have
you been volunteering?
I started volunteering at Brixton Windmill over a year ago, and usually I volunteer in the café
with Eric and others which I love! I’ve also recently started joining the communications
meetings which has been enlightening and enjoyable.

Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do when you are not volunteering?
I run the usual 9-5 during the week, and at the weekends I love going for a cycle or a long
walk or pottering around the garden! I also am a keen (but not very good) sewer, but have
yet to make something I’m proud enough to wear!

How did you get into volunteering with FoWG?
I was renting a place on the Blenheim Gardens estate when I kind of bumped into it – and
was hooked after joining for a tour of the windmill!

What’s your favourite thing about volunteering?
Meeting new people, learning about what interests people have, having a cup of tea and a
natter really!

How have you benefited from volunteering?
I feel that volunteering at Brixton Windmill really rooted me to Brixton, and made me feel
like part of a community. I feel like in London I’ve been floating around and moving around a
lot, so volunteering at the windmill really grounded me in a great and supportive community.

What advice would you give someone looking to volunteer?
Do it! And don’t be nervous, I’ve often found that through volunteering you meet the best of

Tell us a surprising fact about Brixton Windmill (if you can)
Well, perhaps not too surprising, but maybe a bit unique – I completed the RSPB garden
birdwatch sitting in the Windmill Gardens – and spotted a sparrow’s nest near the front gate!

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