Improvements to Windmill Gardens

Brixton Windmill volunteers

Jean Kerrigan reports on improvements in the park

In October the Friends organised two gardening workshops as part of our long-term aim to make Windmill Gardens a more welcoming space for local residents.

It has been quite difficult to do this during 2019 because of the construction of the new education centre and also the increase in anti-social behaviour that has affected not just the park but the streets and estates in the immediately area.

We have to thank Logan Construction SE Ltd for helping us by providing and installing the picket fence around the herb bed.

This improvement was followed up this month by a very hard-working team from QBE, who spent a full day in the park with FoWG volunteers. They weeded and pruned the medicinal herb bed and laid membrane and mulch in the area that is planted with herbs that are used to help those with respiratory problems. This leaves just the skin, digestive and genito-reproductive bed to be improved over the next three months.

The hard-working QBE team also laid mulch under the ping pong table to fill up dangerous holes, planted hundreds of bulbs in the new planters along the north fence of the park and in the three big planters at the rear of the children’s playground, and pruned overgrown bushes in the northwest part of the park to improve sight lines.

Once Logan’s building site is taken down, FoWG will be working with the Council’s landscape team to create an improved green space around the new Brixton Windmill Centre and Brixton Windmill so that in 2020 we will have a much-improved park for all to enjoy.

If you would like to help with this do come along to our gardening workshops on the first Saturday of each month from 12.30-2pm. We always welcome new volunteers! The next workshop is on Saturday 2 November at 12.30pm, and we provide tools, gardening gloves and light refreshments. Please wear sensible shoes and clothing suitable for gardening tasks.

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