Extraordinary General Meeting – 25th January 2024

Extraordinary General Meeting - Thursday 25th January 2024

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an Extraordinary General Meeting of Friends of Windmill Gardens will be held at Brixton Windmill Centre, 100 Blenheim Gardens, SW2 5DA at 7pm Thursday 25th January 2024 to transact the following business.

1. Reports and Accounts
To receive and consider the accounts for the year ended 2022 – 2023 and the reports of the charity trustees and auditors.

You can read the full accounts by clicking this link.

You can read the Chair’s report by clicking this link.

2. Alteration to the Constitution

To consider and vote upon the following resolution.

That clause 12.2 of the CIO 1176991 Constition be amended to include the following subclauses:

12.2.10 A General Meeting, Annual General Meeting, or Extraordinary General Meeting may be held by suitable electronic means agreed by the Charity Trustees in which each member may communicate with the other members.

12.2.11 Any Members participating at a meeting by suitable electronic means agreed by the Charity Trustees in which a participant or participants may communicate with all the other participants shall qualify as being present at the meeting.

12.2.12 Meetings held by electronic means must comply with rules for meetings including chairing and the taking of minutes.

You can read this Resolution by clicking this link.

3. Proposal to co-opt Trustees onto the Board
To confirm the appointment of Tori Reeve as Trustee Lead for Events and Visitor Attraction and Lizzie Taczalski as Trustee Lead for Milling.

4. Resolutions from Members
One Resolution has been submitted to the Secretary. This Resolution will be voted on by ballot at the meeting.

You can read the full Resolution – Vote of No Confidence in current Treasurer – by clicking this link.

You can read the Board’s formal response here: https://www.brixtonwindmill.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/Response-to-Vote-of-No-Confidence-in-current-Treasurer-FOR-EGM.pdf.

Under FoWG’s Constitution:

12.6.1    Any decision other than one falling within clause 11.4 (Decisions that must be taken in a particular way) shall be taken by a simple majority of votes cast at the meeting (including postal votes in accordance with clause 12.9). Every Member has one vote and shall be eligible to vote provided that he, she or it has been a Member for at least six months prior to the date of the meeting.

We hope you will attend this EGM on Thursday January 25th. Please send confirmation of your attendance, or apologies, to the Secretary by email.

As explained above, only current members of the charity are eligible to vote at the meeting.

By order of the Board of trustees

Emma Smith-Bodie
FoWG Secretary
Wednesday 10th January 2024

EGM January 2024 documents

You can download the annual statement of accounts and all documents pertaining to this meeting below.