Friends Clean-Up Windmill Gardens

capital clean up - april 2013

It was a busy day in Windmill Gardens last Sunday even though Brixton Windmill was not open for visitors.

A steady stream of painters turned up to help with the HandsOn Windmill Gardens mural which is now almost two thirds completed and great progress was made.

Then in the afternoon a team of 8 volunteers worked hard to clean up the park. In preparation for our summer events. Using a Capital Clean-up kit provided by City Hall, well protected by strong gloves and using orange tipped litter pickers their frist task was to first gather up all the litter and clear a large area of grass of dog mess and other rubbish.

Then they turned their attention to one of the boundary hedges. Leaves were scraped out and bagged up to form useful leaf mould compost to enrich the beds in the park where flowers and herbs are growing.

Lots of old tiles, bricks and large stones were re-cycled to form ?stone hotels? where small wild animals can shelter and bark and wood piles were made to encourage beetles and other useful insects.

Overhanging bushes were pruned back creating more open grass space and encouraging the bushes to thicken and provide better nesting areas for birds.

It was a satisfying and successful afternoon improving the park for all its visitors.

If you want to get involved you can take part in a second clean-up of the park on Sunday April 28th. Meet at 2pm by the Windmill.

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