FoWG helping young people to work out of lockdown

Over the next six months FoWG is working in partnership with CEFL, a local education charity, to deliver 22 skills training sessions for young people aged 14-19 at the Brixton Windmill Centre.

After a successful collaboration during the five-week play scheme that CEFL ran in Windmill Gardens over the summer, the Friends will be delivering training sessions Monday to Friday during the upcoming autumn and spring half term holiday weeks and on 12 Saturdays in between.

This project is targeted at older participants in CEFL’s ‘Breaking Out of Lockdown’ programme that provides fun and sports for children from the age of 7-16.

In discussion with young people attending the summer scheme the following subjects were chosen as areas they wanted to focus on: baking, milling, photography and videography.

FoWG’s training sessions will introduce participants to all these subject areas. Local entrepreneurs and experts in the four topics will talk about how they honed their skills and established their careers and businesses.

The 22 training sessions are planned to be inclusive and fun. Delivered by skilled windmill educators, they will utilise the unique opportunities that Brixton Windmill and the very well-equipped Brixton Windmill Centre offer. All sessions will be Covid-19 compliant.

After sampling each subject, the young people will choose at least one area to study in more depth. Working with their tutors, they will then develop their project. Everyone will learn how to market and promote their product via social media and other advertising outlets.

Students who successfully complete the course will be encouraged to talk about what they have achieved and to present their work to their peers, family, friends and local businesses at an end-of-course show at the Brixton Windmill Centre. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance and, if they choose, will have the opportunity to gain an accredited certificate in their specialist area.

By the end of the six-month project all the young people will have gained in self-confidence and will have mastered useful and transferable skills that will help them move forward in future studies at school, college or as an apprentice.

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