Emily Hunt

Emily Hunt, volunteer baker

Volunteer baker

Tell us a bit about yourself – what do you do when you’re not volunteering?
I live very locally to Brixton Windmill with my husband and three children. When I’m not volunteering for FoWG or two other local charities I run my own bespoke celebration cake business, Emily Hunt Cakes. I love music and am a sport and fitness enthusiast.

What sort of volunteering work do you do with FoWG?
I bake cakes to be sold at the pop-up café which provides refreshments during open weekends.

How did you get into volunteering with FoWG?
I first discovered the windmill when I moved to Brixton nine years ago. My children were little then, and we all loved hanging out at the playground and attending the various fundraising events and open days throughout the year. When I saw the pop-up café at these events I knew it would be easy for me to contribute by baking cakes to donate.

What is your favourite thing about volunteering?
I’ve met some lovely and extremely interesting people whilst volunteering for FoWG.

What is the one piece of advice you’d give to someone looking to volunteer?
I would encourage anyone to consider volunteering. It makes me feel connected with my local community and I am constantly impressed with the energy and passion around Brixton Windmill.

Can you say a bit about how Covid-19 has affected you, and your hopes for future work with FoWG?
Understandably, during the crisis my clients have had less to celebrate and my business has been severely impacted. I’m really looking forward to the opening of the new Brixton Windmill Centre. If there’s an opening event, I would love to make some delicious cakes to celebrate!

Finally, tell us a surprising fact about Brxton Windmill that people may not know.
I was very interested to read that the Ashby family (the Windmill’s founders) were committed Quakers and social reformers, actively campaigning for equality, women’s rights, anti-slavery and social justice. It seems very fitting to me that such an organisation should have existed in our area, which is now so culturally and ethnically diverse. In this same spirit I sincerely hope to be part of an exciting and prosperous future for FoWG.

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