Creating a Brixton Windmill archive

Windmill books selection

In the middle of August we were contacted by one of our supporters with an intriguing offer. He knew of a family who were clearing a flat and had a large collection of books to sell, including approximately 30 books about windmills.

We jumped at the offer and now have the start of a good reference library about English windmills plus a few more books and pamphlets about watermills, and mills in South Africa, the USA and the Netherlands. Included are classics by Rex Wailes and R.J.Brown and an interesting book by John Vince on millwrighting.?

We can’t wait for our new education centre to be built so that these books can become a great resource housed in a permanent home.

If you have books, tools or other items that relate to the history of windmills, flour milling, bread making or photos/memoirs about living in Brixton Hill in the 19th and 20th centuries that you are thinking of discarding – please don’t. Let us know what you have, and once we have signed the lease on our new building, we can collect them to add to our Brixton Windill archive and library.

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