Connection Crew supporting Beer and Bread Festival 2018

Beer and Bread festival

The Friends of Windmll Gardens are delighted to be receiving support for the third Beer and Bread Festival on 7 May from Connection Crew,��the professionals that build events.

Connection Crew moved to Brixton in February 2017 and through their 215 fund is donating 500 hours of manpower to various projects in 2018. They will be helping to set up and take down the Beer and Bread Festival, allowing Friends volunteers more time to engage with visitors and raise awareness of the fundraising campaign to fit out the new education centre.

Connection Crew work with people who have been homeless in the past, training them up and helping them build a career in crewing. Many have become valued members of the team.

Margarita Ktoris, Marketing Manager for Connection Crew, said:

“We’re looking forward to supporting the annual Beer and Bread Festival at the iconic Brixton Windmill, literally a stone’s throw from Connection Crew HQ. It’s organised by the Friends of Windmill Gardens (FoWG), a local charity led entirely by volunteers, local people giving up their time to put on events, workshops and tours that boost community cohesion in an area where 1 in 3 children are born into poverty.

“We think it’s incredibly inspiring. And this is a big year for the FoWG; while our team set-up and take-down key elements of the festival the volunteers will be free to engage with the audience and raise awareness and funds for the fit out of a new education centre that is being built at the windmill.”

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