Community mural for Windmill Gardens

Stephen Lawlor reports on more artistic activities in the park

Camila Cardenosa, a Brixton local who is currently studying towards her MA at Central Saint Martins, is bringing her skills to Windmill Gardens over the coming months.

Camillla will be working with the Friends of Windmill Gardens and the local community to plan, design and create a large mural within the gardens along the length of the wall separating the playground from the Thames Water site.

The content of the mural will reflect the history of the windmill and the Ashby family, and will be a collaboration between local people, schools and organisations.

Camila says: "My major research for my MA is about how graphic design can contribute to generate a sense of place, identity and legibility that enables people to feel comfortable in public places.

"The outcome of the project will be a large mural within Windmill Gardens that brightens up and improves the look of the playground, while allowing people a chance to explore facts, ideas, and memories about the history of Brixton Windmill.

"The process of creating this mural is the most important element. Through a variety of creative activities, we hope to engage the local community to create a sense of ownership of place, a sense of identity."

The first of these creative workshops takes place on 15 November with years 5 and 6 from Sudbourne Primary School. We’ll be looking at old phrases or idioms that originated from windmills, and creating banners using typical typefaces of Victorian times, decorated with patterns and imagery found at Brixton Windmill.

Workshops for older children, adults and families will begin early in 2013, so keep an eye out here for updates and invites. And if you’d like to learn more about the project and how you can get involved, contact our Development and Education Officer Stephen Lawlor at

See Camila’s website and portfolio online at

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