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A unique mill in the heart of London

Our crowdfunding campaign to raise £12,000 towards kitting out the new education centre runs until Wednesday 4 July. The money will be spent on furniture for education workshops, office equipment, kitchen equipment for baking workshops, shelving and storage for grain and flour, and crockery and cutlery for our visitors' cafe.

There are lots of rewards for early donors, from flour, mugs, and T-shirts to a private baking and milling session for five people.

The crowdfunding campaign is all or nothing - so if we don't reach our £12,000 target we won't get anything. So please give what you can - and spread the word among your family and friends!

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Welcome to Brixton Windmill!

If you're interested in visiting Brixton Windmill see our Visit page for more details. For other events in the park, see the What's on page.

  • The Friends of Windmill Gardens are holding their Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 11 July. All members are invited to hear about (and hopefully see!) progress on building the education centre, meet the new project administrator and receive the annual report and accounts.
  • Keep up to date with with information about the windmill by signing up for our email newsletters.
  • Have your say on the management plan for Windmill Gardens, which includes proposals for future developments in the park.
  • Our tai chi classes in Windmill Garden are held every Saturday11am-12pm. We ask for a small donation to pay our tutors.
  • What have you made with Brixton Windmill flour? Post a picture of your creation and we'll include it in our gallery! You can buy our flour at our open days or from several local outlets
  • Are you interested in becoming a miller? Check our volunteering information page to find out about more volunteering opportunities.

Brixton Windmill was 200 years old in 2016. You can see videos of several bicentenary events on our YouTube channel, including one of National Mills Weekend 2016, when we dressed the common sails in sailcloth designed and printed by Eley Kishimoto, our creative ambassador for the year.

See more photos of our activities on Flickr.

Friends of Windmill Gardens

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The Friends of Windmill Gardens is a local residents' group that holds regular events in the park and provides volunteer guides for visits to the windmill.

  • Get involved as a volunteer
  • Catch up with the latest on our blog
  • Support us by becoming a member
  • See photos of our activities on Flickr

The Friends of Windmill Gardens were formed in 2003 to raise the profile of Brixton Windmill and campaign for its restoration. Now the mill is working again, we are helping to educate visitors and improve the surrounding park.

New education centre

Plans for new education centre in 2017 - click here for more information!

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